EqualiTeach Empowered

An online subscription for schools and education settings to support and empower you on your journey to embedding equality, diversity and inclusion.

What is EqualiTeach Empowered?

We know from schools that there is often a great desire and motivation to improve their equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work, but that this can be hindered by being unsure of where to start, a lack of resources, budget constraints and busy workloads.

EqualiTeach Empowered is an online subscription service providing schools with access to a huge range of EDI resources, guidance and support so school teams can make positive change at a pace that is right for them.

It has been carefully developed and structured to demonstrate a clear pathway to effectively implementing best practice approaches to all aspects of equality and diversity.

An Annual Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited user accounts so the whole staff team can benefit from this service
  • An Empowered logo and marketing toolkit to use on your website, letter heads and social media
  • Empowered webinars every half term taking a deeper-dive into specific areas of equality and where subscribers can submit questions to be answered by one of our EDI experts, so they can overcome challenges, and learn from the experiences of others
  • Time-saving tools such as template policies, checklists and lesson plans on a range of equality topics for different Key Stages
  • A step-by-step pathway, which provides schools who are starting out on this journey with a framework to build an effective whole-school approach to embedding equality, diversity and inclusion throughout the school
  • Guidance in the form of videos, downloads and online resources on topics including equality objectives, terminology, decolonising the curriculum, inclusive recruitment practices and so much more
  • Frameworks for self-auditing and evaluating current practice to identify and celebrate strengths and identify areas for improvement


A short preview of the EqualiTeach Empowered website.

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We hope this service will inspire schools to be forward-thinking and innovative in their equality, diversity and inclusion work, looking at their whole-school approach and embedding equality throughout.


Our resources and guidance are designed to reassure schools that they’re not only meeting legal duties, but implementing best practice approaches, and that they’re not alone in tackling the challenges they face.


The service is designed to empower school teams with the knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to make a positive change in their school and beyond, working towards an equal, inclusive and diverse society where everyone is valued and able to succeed.

Sample Resources

Getting Started with EDI

We’ve summarised the first steps of a successful equality, diversity and inclusion journey into a poster you can download.

Ramadan in the Workplace

This guidance shares tips to make your workplace more supportive and inclusive during Ramadan.

Ensuring RSE is SEND Inclusive

This guidance explores how Relationships and Sex Education can be implemented in a truly inclusive way.